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Embodiment Matters Podcast

Nov 28, 2021

We Were Made For These Times: A conversation with Kaira Jewel Lingo


In this conversation with Kaira, we explore many rich topics including:


  • embodiment and mindfulness as not separate
  • her new book We Were Made For These Times
  • the practice of coming home to ourselves
  • applying these teachings in the mess of real life...

Nov 27, 2021



In this rich conversation with wise woman Pat McCabe we explore many topics including 


  • embodiment as a core practice of decolonization and her trouble with the word “decolonizing” 
  • healing after cultural severance through Indian boarding schools in family history and the power of growing a...

Nov 23, 2021

Embodying Spontaneity: A Conversation With Jozef Frucek of Fighting Monkey


In conversation, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Jozef Frucek. He and Linda Kapetanea are the creators of Fighting Monkey, which is a beautiful system that weaves together movement, learning, communication, creativity, improvisation...

Oct 19, 2021

I Wish You Heartbreak - An Exploration of the 19 Ways with Deena Metzger


We’re so grateful and honored to begin the 3rd season of the Embodiment Matters podcast by sharing with you this rich conversation with wise elder Deena Metzger. 


A poet, novelist, essayist, storyteller, teacher, healer and medicine woman who...

May 12, 2021

Greetings Listener friends, 


We are delighted to share with you our recent conversation with Langston Kahn.


Langston Kahn is a black, queer teacher and shamanic practitioner who specializes in radical human transformation, ancestral healing, and restoring an authentic relationship with our emotions.

He stands firmly...