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Embodiment Matters Podcast

Nov 27, 2021



In this rich conversation with wise woman Pat McCabe we explore many topics including 


  • embodiment as a core practice of decolonization and her trouble with the word “decolonizing” 
  • healing after cultural severance through Indian boarding schools in family history and the power of growing a multi-faceted identity
  • the importance of including the body in prayer (in her case through sweat lodge ceremony)
  • The question: How do human beings live in such a way that we can support other life to thrive - as do other members in the web of life? 
  • How thinking 7 generations ahead slows us down in our decision making
  • Preparing ourselves to meet the times. Grappling with this question: “Is it too late and what should we be doing?”
  • Pat’s hope for the emergence of the sacred masculine and its role in supporting the sacred feminine eros to emerge. Both are such powerful forces! 
  • the need for radical self love and radical self trust
  • stepping out of the power over paradigm. 
  • The importance of encouraging the behavior we want to see more of - rather than nitpicking each other’s imperfections. 
  • The recognition that we can’t eat money, as Chief Seattle said - and Pat’s work to support folks in returning money to the flow of life to support earth healing. How would it be to have zeros in your bank account while the earth is dying? To realize in retrospect that you could have done something about it. 


Her primary work at the moment is:

• The reconciliation between the masculine and feminine, Men's Nation and Women's Nation

• Remembering, recreating or creating anew a narrative for the Sacred Masculine

• Addressing the Archetypal Wounding that occurred in our misunderstanding and abuse of technology in prayer, ceremony and science