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Embodiment Matters Podcast

Oct 2, 2019

In this, our second conversation with Francis Weller, we once again have a wonderful, deep conversation covering many soulful topics, including: Letting go of searching for an answer, and instead leaning into our own unique response to these times. We talk about the cognitive and soul dissonance of information overload. Francis describes The Five Gates of Grief (if you haven’t been introduced to these yet, prepare to have your heart cracked open!) We explore what it means to create a safe container for grief and loss in your own life. Francis’s shares his hope that grief will save our asses - how it is the broken heart that has the ability to remind us of what we love, and the outrageous courage of the Bodhi heart. Francis also speaks about how to take up an apprenticeship with sorrow, and how embodying joy in crazy times is an outcome of tending to our grief.

What a potent conversation! We hope you enjoy it. Find more about Francis Weller at his beautiful website,